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Celebrating Summer Solstice

June 21, 2018
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Summer Solstice art

I’m a Summer sunshine girl. My housemate says its because I spend a good part of my day sitting in the dark editing images on my computer. 🙂  I think I’ve always been a Summer sunshine girl.

Last night, while sitting on the front porch after dark, we decided to get up early this morning to greet the longest sunlight day of the year. Summer officially began this morning, June 21 at 6:07am in the Northern Hemisphere. “I am so happy to see you, Summer! You have no idea!”  We thought of what we might do to celebrate this special morning besides sit and drink coffee on the porch, which is wonderful in-and-of-itself!  And we decided to create flower mandalas with flowers from around the yard.  So, while she got the coffee started, I began gathering Rosa Rugosa petals and Buttercups, and when she came out, she found a few Lamb’s Ear, climbing Hydrangea, and few other flowers and greens. We chatted as we played with the flowers. And we spoke to Sun and thanked her for the things we love and appreciate most about her.

Early morning Summer Solstice

Yard flowers for art

Early morning art

Maine coast Summer Solstice

Our special Maine flower mandala creations.

Happy Summer Solstice! Love to you all!



On Saturday morning, I’ll be on a ferry to a Maine island to photograph a creative woman doing what she does best. She’ll also show me around her beloved island. Are you in need of creative portraits for your website, blog or marketing? Would you love some photographs of you doing what you love to do, let’s connect. 










If you can dream it, you can create it!

February 6, 2018

Manifesting our dreams takes a lot of thought and work and vision.   I distinctly remember the first time I connected the dots, when manifesting my vision really happened to me.  My dream was to rent a little cottage on Moody Beach, Maine for a week with a girlfriend and our total of four daughters.  I verbalized this dream to a counselor I was seeing.  It didn’t end up happening exactly as I had envisioned, which often seems to happen thanks to the Universe’s vision of OUR vision, but it happened! Wow, that was powerful stuff!

The next time it happened, I had made a list on Jan 1 of five places I would love to visit within that year. No plans at all were in the works.  A few months later, I said Yes! and I was on a plane to CA to photograph and crew for a long distance bicyclist for The Race Across America, a non-stop race from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, Maryland.  The kicker, it was all expense paid so it worked for this newly divorced woman. Later that year, I was asked to shoot a week-long family reunion with a wedding at the end of the week in The Outer Banks, NC. The opportunity included staying in a beautiful lodge on the ocean during the week-long assignment. Win, win. Two dream travel locations I had written in my vision journal on Jan 1, happily crossed off! I love this stuff!

Vision Board Workshop

So, let’s do this together.  On Saturday, March 17 from 10:30am-1:30pm, you are invited to gather with other local women to create your own Vision Board. In this inspiring location on the Maine coast, you will create a vision board to help jumpstart a new project, your business or your life! Due to the intimate nature of the location in Yarmouth, Maine, this workshop is limited to the first 12 people.

Enjoy the morning socializing and creating with other women, and then head home with a tangible, image and word-inspired vision board to place in a spot you see every day.

I hope you can join us.  If you would like to sign-up for the workshop, or just receive more information, please leave me your email address in the comment section below. You may also email me at leaving your name and email address.  The cost of the workshop is $20.00, with all materials included. Coffee, tea, water and a yummy will be available. You may bring a bag lunch if you’d like!

Let’s get started on creating the project, business….life of our dreams.

On the road with Race Across America
















Cold! Northern Maine cold!

January 10, 2018

Day 10 of the Gentle January photo challenge presents the prompt:  COLD!

Last winter, I spent a good part of the month of January with my sister on her organic farm in Northern Maine near the Canadian border.  It was a January that brought snowstorm after snowstorm. We spent most days shoveling snow and “feeding” her wood stoves. My honey spent many days helping us out too. The snow and wind blew so hard we could barely holler to each other outside but I have to say, we all enjoyed the majority of it. We would shovel the path to the chicken house, and to the driveway, and around to make sure we could get wood, and then we’d put our feet up by the wood cookstove and chat, warm our toes, and drink something yummy.


It was a tough time in my sister’s life as she had just lost her beloved husband. It was also a special time for my sister and me as we hadn’t spent this much time together in years and years. The silver linings, and small blessings.


Day 6 / Water and I, we go way back

January 6, 2018

Day 6 of Susannah Conway’s Gentle January photo challenge presents me with the word, Water.

Water and I, we go way back. I was born a Scorpio, and when I had my chart read years ago, I was told I was a triple threat, Scorpio.  So, in all reality, I may have been born a mermaid.  I have so much to say about my relationship with water, from when I was a little girl and visited the sea one week out of the year but dreamed about it for the other 51, to craving the ocean water for almost 20 years while I lived in the mountains.

Maine waters

Water is part of me, and I am a part of it. Water and I are forever fluid, and changing, sometimes smooth and calm, and other times restless and wild.  Changing, and moving, and flowing…






My home

January 2, 2018

My Home….

For the past 6 or 7 years, I have chosen to not live in one home, stay in one place. After my divorce, I couldn’t come up with one place I wanted to “be.” I wanted to be everywhere, or at least have the opportunity to be everywhere. For many years, my car was a comforting place that felt most like home.  I have lived in many homes owned by other people, and mostly with their belongings. My belongings are in storage except for the few clothes I own, my camera and computer gear, and a few books.  Truthfully, most of the time I love it that way. There are times when I miss seeing my girls’ artwork that I have framed, or my mother’s special plates. But I like to travel light.

Northern Maine farm

I have been fortunate to find really neat places to call “home.”  I often live in “winter rentals” along the coast of Maine which allows me to afford to live in homes and cottages I would never be able to afford otherwise.  In this gypsy life, I have lived in a sweet cottage by a dog friendly beach and the best bakery, I lived in an apartment over a lighting store, in a Victorian home full of books and art from around the world, a ski house in the Western Maine mountains, a Northern Maine organic farm with my sister, and now in a little cottage right on Casco Bay. My home is wherever I am at the time. My home is always open to my friends and family, and my home is right here in my heart and will follow me wherever I go.  My home….



Beginning the New Year with “Gentle January”

January 1, 2018

Gentle January….a photo a day.  Today, January 1


I AM….in no hurry to get from one place to another, from here to there. I rather like the journey. #gentlejanuary2018

maine woods, aroostook county, maine, journey,

maine woods



The Unsung Maine: Fiddle-Playing Gypsy

July 13, 2017

Fiddle-playing gypsy

She tells me she would have worn her gypsy outfit if she didn’t think I might think she was crazy. Are you kidding me? She had me at gypsy! In a tiny Northern Maine town, with her backyard overlooking Mount Katahdin, this gypsy-spirited woman makes her life exactly as she chooses. She has lived on this farm for many years, first in a tent, then a stock trailer, and now in a tiny house which once was only a basement. She fills it with her art, and her animals that are not yet old enough to live outdoors. Everything is as neat as a pin and has its own place, an ability I envy as I’d love to live in a tiny house but I am not organized or a neat knick. I am invited into her home through a common friend, another horse lover, as she is. I feel honored that she is wiling to share this world she has created with me.

Each piece of art has a story

Made from a birdhouse gourd

Gorgeous artwork

vignettes of color



artistic succulents


Each horse has a name

spotted goats

Her several acre farm is home to special chickens, spotted goats, sweet kittens, and many horses. She shows me around explaining how it all came to be, and there is a story behind everything. I love it. I already know we are kindred spirits. The cat named “Kitty” follows us everywhere. What strikes me is that it’s not a perfect farm, or perfect house, or perfect land, or a perfect life. I think life has not been easy for her here. She has to work very hard maintaining it all. But, alas, she has retained, no not just retained but flourished, her creative and child-like gypsy spirit. She tells me that being poor may have helped her become creative, but I think the opposite. She has to fulfill Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs all by herself, and she still has the energy to be creative. This concept interests me greatly. I think she is ambitious, and has set her purpose to live a full, rich, creative, and independent life in spite of life’s imperfections.

She shows me her art, which is everywhere inside and out. It is succulents growing in and on work boots, it’s redesigned clock innards to look like an owl, its an old wooden chest full of unicorn fantasy objects that she has collected for children. And the colors! Color is everywhere! Then she introduces me to all of her animals, collecting eggs from the chickens, helping a goat who has poked its head out of a fence, and talking to her horses and calling them each by name, as we walk around the farm. She loves them all.

Over a lunch of soup she has made from her own chickens, we talk non-stop about how to live a life where we can spend as much time as possible, every day, doing the things we love to do. How do we do that and still pay the bills? Its the Universal problem of us free-spirits who love to do so many things, and have a hard time settling into one routine for very long. Is it possible? We think so.

Just before its time to leave, I ask her a question. Would she be willing to put on that gypsy outfit she thought of wearing but was afraid I might think she was crazy, so I could take her picture? Much to my delight, she says “Yes!” and quickly begins digging around in her closet. She tells me she has so many gypsy clothes but doesn’t wear them often here in Northern Maine. She comes out looking like a beautiful, barefooted, red-headed gypsy. Her corset is the gorgeous color of brass, her petticoat is a bright white, and her long skirt is the most beautiful colors and print I have ever seen. She has her prized bobcat skin draped around her neck. The one she shot after he got into her henhouse, and killed all of her chickens. She leaves her hair down, and we head outside to take a few photos. She turns to me and says, “I should have brought out my fiddle.” Wait, what? She plays the fiddle too? My mouth drops open as she begins to play for her animals…first for Kitty, then the goats, and then we let the horses out into a back pasture, and she runs along with them as she is playing. One of the tunes I recognize is from “The Last of the Mohicans.”

I think she is my “spirit animal.” The person I have always thought I am in my head. The personification of the person, that if life, and fear, and society had not had such a great hold on me, maybe I would be. But then I know…

gypsy player

beautiful music

the woods trail

helping one of the little goats

sweet friends

the audience

Kitty leads the way

those colors!

her gypsy outfit

the prized bobcat

playing for the horses

free spirit

The Last of the Mohicans

playing in the field

portrait of a gypsy

running with the horses

billowing skirt

artistic interpretation

gypsy necessities