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8 Great Reasons collaborating with other women is good for your business (and your soul)

August 2, 2016
Circle of Women, connecting and collaborating

Circle of Women, connecting and collaborating

I’ve found over the years, that most of my favorite photography work and personal projects have been collaborations I did with other women. Some men too, don’t get me wrong. But I do believe us women are natural collaborators, and natural supporters of each other.  I love when other women ask me to help them with a project, and i often seek out other women when I need help creatively, supportively or sometimes to just share the tasks. These are some things I have found to be true about collaborating that help me as a person, a women, and ultimately therefore, are good for my photography business.

1.     Inevitably some of her clients, through gained knowledge of my products or services, or getting to know me as a person, will become my clients too.
2.     Two, or three creative brains are always better than one. And it’s so much more fun!
3.     There is room for all of us. I don’t have a corner on any market, nor do I want one. I love seeing all women succeed in business, and feel that the more we support each other, the better our own businesses becomes.
4.     I learn! New ideas, new concepts, new things about people and how they live and who they are. I learn about new places…collaboration on projects often leads to people’s homes, or businesses, or some other outlandish place I’ve never been before, and wouldn’t have found myself if not through working with another business owner or creative.
5.     I get to see the world, and my (creative) work, through someone else’s eyes.  My business does better because I, as a women and a business owner, become better “rounded.” I become more empathetic, understanding and knowledgeable through working with others.
6.     We, together, produce some pretty good damn art. Whether that’s photography art, writing art, the art of gathering like-minded women together, or the art of living creatively and intentionally. 
7.     We just don’t have to do it all alone. I don’t have to have ALL of the creative ideas, or be good at every step, or do all the work. So often when we are business for ourselves, we feel as though we do, that we are little islands all by ourself. When we collaborate with others we trust, the work flows between the two of you. No one feels so overwhelmed and in the end, everyone feels a commitment to the project. Everyone’s voice is heard and you can celebrate the small and larger business and personal victories together! Yay! Let’s have a glass of wine!

8.    And finally, we all make more money. Isn’t that one of the biggest reasons we are in business to begin with?  And, it’s not a dirty word! We all have dreams that need to be supported by making enough money. And we all should be financially rewarded for our hard work, efforts and creativity. I want to be an artist in business, but I don’t want to be a starving artist. I have found that working, creating and collaborating with other women works, in my heart and in my purse.

Women's retreat, Maine coast

Journey through the Creative Lens, women’s retreat weekend

 I have collaborated on many projects in the past few years. Some of have been through my photography business, such as sharing a photography blog with another female photographer “across the pond,” and others have been personal projects such as organizing and leading a women’s retreat weekend, where I did some leading/teaching, and two other creative, inspirational women shared in those roles. I walk away from projects I collaborate on with other women, feeling “filled up,” feeling an intricate part of a great whole!
 Tell me, what is one of your favorite collaborations you have done? What did you gain?
And if you have an idea for a collaborated project you’d like to run by me, leave a comment below, and let’s chat!
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Our Circle of Women is expanding (and an update on Southern Maine circle)

May 8, 2016

Our Circle of Women is expanding!  We are heading North, and if you live in the Houlton, Maine area and would like to join our creative group of women, we’d love to have you! If you aren’t familiar with Circle of Women, you can read about the first gathering that was held in Southern Maine here!  We had a wonderfully social evening, meeting and networking with other local women artists, creatives and entrepreneurs. I am still on a creative high and can’t wait to meet all of you in Northern Maine!

 Circle of Women You are Invited

             Circle of Women
              You are Invited

~An informal gathering of artists, creatives, and entrepreneurial women, sharing ideas and supporting one another’s endeavors.

~On Wednesday, June 22nd, we will gather at 5:30pm to meet, share, network and hopefully leave feeling inspired and supported.

~We will gather at a cozy home in Houlton for a glass of wine, appetizers, and maybe we’ll even learn a thing or two from each other! If we have time, I will be offering a half an hour of sharing a few things I have learned about building and managing a Facebook business page for your own business or creative endeavor, for those who are interested.

~We have room for 20 women, and we’d love to have you join us. Please leave me your email address here in the comment section if we can plan on you. I will be sending more information to those who do!

UPDATE ON SOUTHERN MAINE GATHERING:  Our next gathering will be at Julie Steinbach’s home on Wed, July 13 for socializing, networking, and Amy Webster will be leading a mini session on art journaling.   Not to be missed! We do have a few spots open for any women in Southern Maine who are interested in joining us! Please leave me a comment in the comment section below with your name and email address. 

Enjoy this Sunday evening!

Afterglow from Circle of Women

April 23, 2016
Maine women, circle of women, maine artists, maine creatives, women to women, women networking, female entrepreneur, artists, creatives

Circle of Women

The idea percolated until it was time to throw it out to the Universe. Other women might also be thirsty for more networking, socializing and sharing of business and creative ideas.

The doorbell rang several times as women arrived from as far as an hour away. They were in their 20’s. 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. They own their own businesses, they work for others, that are stay-at-home Moms, they are creatives, artists, brave souls…they are beautiful women.

The room was full of energy and vibrating with the pulse of women sharing, making connections, exchanging ideas and having a glass of vino. They stayed until it got late for a work night, and then talked of when we would gather next. It was a gorgeous evening with such a wildly diverse group of women…

Until we meet again….

female business owners, maine women, maine women business, maine creatives, maine artists, women supporting women

Circle of Women

**I am in the planning stages for a Circle of Women gathering in Houlton, Maine for June, and Thetford, Vermont in July. If you are interested in staying in the loop for dates for these, and for the date for the next Portland, Maine gathering, please leave me your name and email in the comments below. Please tell me which location you are interested in attending a “Circle of Women.”

Dear Books

April 6, 2016
Well loved books

Well loved books

Dear Books,

You amaze me with your sixth sense of intuition. The right one of you in the crowd always finds me at the absolute perfect, well-timed moment that I need you. Thank you for knowing me, at times, better than I know myself.

Your loving follower,

*I am joining Susannah Conway, and hundreds of other lovely people, for the April Love 2016 challenge. A month of love letters. You can find her list of prompts and all of the info here if you’d like to join us!

Dear Morning

April 4, 2016
spanish moss, good morning, april love, morning pages, dear morning, maine photographer, charleston sc,


Day 4
Good Morning, dear Morning,

I love that most mornings you provide an excitement in the air, an anticipation of what’s to come. What will the new day bring? I’m not really a morning person, I have to admit. But I appreciate that right now, today, in my life, dear Morning, I can start you slow with coffee and reading and my own thoughts for awhile before having to run out and greet the world.
Morning, you are a soft blessing, reminding me to stay centered, stay true to myself.

Thank you, dear Morning.


I can’t help but laugh

March 26, 2016
Charleston city garden

Over the stone wall

Do you have any photos that just make you laugh?  Seriously, to anyone else they are not funny at all but to you…oh my gosh, you can’t stop laughing. This is one of them for me. Can you guess why?

Charleston, S.C has many gorgeous gardens in the city. Many gorgeous gardens that you cannot see unless your brother boosts you way up so you can see over the top of the wall! Yup, that’s what happened here. Can you imagine, a 56 year old woman being boosted up to see over a stone wall to get a photo? I really don’t want to even picture in my mind how crazy and ridiculous we looked. My poor daughter as she looked on….oh, yes, I think she was actually helping to boost me up too!  So embarrassing and so much fun!

I will alway laugh out loud when I look at this shot of this beautiful garden, over a wall,  in the middle of the city of Charleston, S.C.



Gathering of Women

March 26, 2016

Spring, Springtime, Maine, flowerI think it must go back thousands of years…this need for women to gather.  When I was younger, it was to commiserate about how little sleep we were getting while raising our kids. To chat about how we were trying to coax our kids to study their spelling words, while we watched them play on the playground after school.  As our kids grew, getting together with other women gave us a chance to get out of the house for an evening (or an hour), indulge in some “adult-talk.”

In the early years before children, I went through a period where I didn’t make much of an effort to spend time with girlfriends.  I felt I should be spending time as a young, married woman, with my new husband. That he could fill all my needs for socializing. But little by little, I began to sense an emptiness.  This emptiness, I began to realize, stemmed from my lack of time and conversations with the kindred spirits of other women.

Three years ago (almost exactly three years ago), when “empty-nest (emptiness) syndrome hit, about the same time I was going through a divorce, the need to share and be with other women became not just a want but a need. I suggested to a girlfriend that we host a women’s retreat weekend where we laugh, eat, learn from each other, experience sunrise together and do some self exploration in a safe environment with other like-minded women.  Before our weekend retreat was even announced, as many women as we could handle in my little beach house, had signed up. And we had the best time! We met some new friends, walked the beach, drank some wine, played with photography and art journaling, and basically had lots of girl time. If I have to say so myself, the weekend was a great success!

Women's retreat, Maine coast

Journey through the Creative Lens, women’s retreat weekend, 2013

Fast forward… I am now knee deep into running my own photography business, and many of my girlfriends are entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, women doing amazing work, often by themselves, which sometimes can feel like a lonely venture. I began to wonder if other women might be feeling the same need as I am, to commune, network and spend a little more time with other women.   Birth of the idea of “Circle of Women.”

We have 19 women signed up today to join us. I am excited! We still have room for a couple more ladies who might be interested in joining us. Please let me know in the comment section below if that is you.


Happy Easter weekend, dear friends.