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The Empowered Portrait

November 24, 2021

“Nanette captured me and my entire complicated and ‘brutiful’ self. She highlighted and celebrated my scars and reflected my innate beauty back to me. I highly recommend this experience, especially as a midlife woman finally wanting to be seen, heard, and known.” 

~ Pasha Marlowe, Therapeutic Comedy Coach

After photographing women for many years, I feel strongly about wanting to celebrate amazing women over the age of 50! I feel that we, as older women, need to be “Seen” for the wise, beautiful, interesting and creative women that we are! Women in our society often become less visible and less revered as we age. Let’s work together to begin to turn that around!

With this project, I am hoping to photograph upward of 50 women over the age of 50, to shine the light on who they are, what makes them the woman they are today, what lights them on fire, and to show their beauty and uniqueness! I am asking each woman who participates to sit in front of me and my camera with an open heart and open mind, and together we will create an Empowered Portrait. This project seems to have kindled a fire of interest in exploring, and expressing, the meaning of who we are as women in this stage of our lives. I am very happy and humbled with it’s success so far. If sitting for an Empowered Portrait speaks to you as a women over 50, and you’d like to join the women who have experienced this journey of exploration, please leave a comment with your email address or email me at:

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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