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My time in parking lots

September 10, 2015

I enjoyed a considerable amount of time in parking lots this summer. I actually didn’t think it was all that strange…but people chuckle when I tell them this, so maybe it is.

This summer was a “gypsy summer” for me. I house-hopped, house-sat, dog-sat and spent lots of time with friends and family. In fact, for the months of June, July and half of August, I don’t believe I was by myself for one night (or day).  And i love being by myself, and in my regular life, I spend a lot of time alone.

So…I spent lots of time relaxing in my car in parking lots. Sometimes, it was because I didn’t really have a place to go at that time, or I was in-between work, appointments or places I was staying, or often it was just to have a few minutes alone….reading, talking on my cell phone, surfing the net, working, eating, and yup, sometimes sleeping. I got to know which parking lots have the best views (ocean, flowers, men ..), which parking lots have great wifi, which ones smell good, and in which ones I am not generally noticed, and therefore can be inconspicuous when I stay longer than most folks.  When I needed some quiet time alone, I often headed to one of my favorite parking lots. I didn’t even realize how much time I was spending there until my honey, who I would chat with on most days and he always asked me where I was now, said, “You spend a lot of time in parking lots!”falmouth lib 3

falmouth lib 2falmouth lib 1After one of my trips out of town, I was really feeling like I needed some alone time, even though the home i was staying in was very welcoming. That afternoon, I spent about 6 hours in a grocery store parking lot; reading, thinking, chatting with my sister on the phone and sleeping in the sunshine. Thank goodness I have comfy seats in my car that recline!

So you ask, which parking lot is my favorite? I would have to say, its the Falmouth Public Library!  Great wi-fi, good reading materials nearby, pretty gardens, great “views” at certain times of the day, and if I stop at the local sandwich shop before I get there, then its a pretty nice place to sit and eat as well.

Now that I am back in my 3 seasons residence, I will most likely be spending less time in parking lots. But if, by chance, my house becomes over crowded with guests before next summer rolls around, you may just find me back in one of my favorite parking lots. Please don’t knock on the window and wake me up!!  🙂



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