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My favorite image from 2014

January 7, 2015

I was asked over the weekend, what my favorite image was that I shot in 2014. Wow!  That is a difficult question as it’s been a very full year of adventures from one end of the spectrum to another. And a year filled with unexpected life changes. So, I really had to do some searching to figure out this answer because after the question was asked, I became curious about it myself.

After looking through and thinking about the over 40, 000 images I have shot this year, one stood out to me. For many reasons, this is the one that really represents my year in photography… and in life. It was shot while the subject was moving fast, and I was moving a little faster. He, on his bike, and I shooting out the passenger-side window of a moving vehicle. The grit and determination on his face sums up the adventure we were on, The Race Across America. A bike race which began in Oceanside, CA and traversed to Annapolis, MD, west coast to east coast, in 12 days!  This experience for me personally, tested my physical being, my emotion being, my endurance and my ability to perform under pressure with very little sleep for days on end.

Little did I know at the time, I was preparing myself to come home and fight a physical and emotional battle I had not seen coming. But because of my experience on the road, I felt as prepared as I could ever be. I had not felt as physically in shape, and had not tested this in such a way since I was in my early 20’s.  I learned that I still possessed a toughness and endurance I had forgotten I had. Marshall’s spirit, grace and ability to keep moving forward, even when he had little left to give, inspired and encouraged that I could do the same in my “extreme sport” of breast cancer. I learned a lot about not giving up, staying positive, and knowing that even though I was being tested, I could stay in the race and be tough.

For all of these reasons, I am choosing this image I shot of Marshall Reeves, on Day 7 of the 2014 Race Across America, near Jefferson City, Missouri. He had been biking for about 20 out of 24 hours a day, and night. I feel his face says it all.

marshall original edited logo

I am so fortunate to have had this life-changing experience just before having to face a personal challenge that took a lot of grit and endurance to get through.

What was your favorite image you shot this year? I would love to know which one, and why.

Happy 2015! I wonder which image will present itself as my favorite for this New Year!

Lots of love,


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  1. January 7, 2015 7:30 pm

    Great blog post, Nanette! Your favorite image certainly captures the feeling of overwhelming exhaustion on your subject’s face. I can’t even imagine what kind of toll that trek would take on the body and mind. My favorite image that you took in 2014 (couldn’t figure out how to share this photo on here) is the one of the two young girls doing gymnast-like grand jetes (sorry I only know ballet terms, not gymnastics) on the beach. The fact that you captured their beautiful, athletic bodies gracefully jumping in unison with the breathtaking background of a Maine beach is simply marvelous. Love your photos, thanks for sharing.

  2. January 8, 2015 7:33 am

    Thank you, Meg! I also love the image you choose as your favorite, of the girls doing gymnastics on the beach. It was very tough to choose my favorite! That one you like was actually shot on Nags Head, North Carolina when I was there shooting a week-long family reunion and wedding. xo

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