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Staying Open to the Possibilities ~ part 2

May 7, 2012

Maine, horse show, photography, artist, Nanette Faye Photography

























Last summer, I wrote a post about the advantages, and sometimes exciting outcome, of staying open to all possibilities when heading out to shoot (or in life for that matter). You can read about it here.  Today was another one of those days. Maybe not quite as exciting as the experience I wrote about before, but in my mind, just as important.

I left home at 6am yesterday morning heading to Southern Maine to watch my daughter ride in a horse show. I had charged my iPhone and my “big girl” camera knowing I would want to take lots of photos of my daughter and her teammates while  practicing in the ring, competing, and then just relaxing with their horses. And I did shoot lots!

After my daughter and her friends had completed their competitions, I was walking back to my car  to hit the trail home.  I  had to pass by where other riders and horses were doing their last minutes preparations before entering the ring. I noticed an older man sitting in a folding chair furiously doing something with his gloved hands. On getting closer, I could see he was sketching.  I asked if it might be ok if I took a couple of photos of him. He was very hard of hearing and just nodded his head and said, “I am drawing these most gorgeous animals.” I again asked if it was ok to take a couple of shots. He chuckled and said yes but why would I want to do that? I told him I loved watching him draw, and that his work was amazing! I took a few images of him working feverishly, his pencil moving quickly across the paper, head bent down close to his work, and then looking up quickly at the horses. He worked FAST and his sketches were gorgeous.

After a few minutes, a young rider came out of the ring from finishing her riding, and she met her parents right in front of the artist. The older man tore off the sheet he was working on and grabbed another sheet, starting a new sketch of the horse now in front of him. The young girl looked down at the older man and said, “I love your pictures of my horse! I still have three on my frig from last season!”  He just smiled, tore off the one he had now completed, and got up and gave it to her.  He then picked up his folding chair and supplies, and moved to a different vantage point to continue sketching…

SMDA horse show, Maine, artist, photography, Nanette Faye Photography

Maine horse show, artist, Nanette Faye Photography

Maine horse show, artist, photography, Nanette Faye Photography















































It would have been so easy to have finished photographing what I had planned, tucked my camera in my bag, and walked to my car completely missing this inspiring artist, his beautiful work, and the sweet interaction between the him and the sweet young rider.   I’m so glad I didn’t…..

Until next time ~ Expect the unexpected, and stay open to all possibilities!



SMDA horse show, Maine horse show, photography, artist, Nanette Faye Photography

Sweet McGregor

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  1. May 7, 2012 2:14 pm

    Beautiful!! The artist is amazing. Awesome post, with better pictures.

  2. May 7, 2012 3:10 pm

    Thank you, Chris! He was sketching for the pure joy of it! I love the pencil lead or charcoal residue on his gloves..

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