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Staying Open = Unexpected Rewards

July 12, 2011
Under the pier Old Orchard Beach, Maine
Under the Pier, Black and White

Under the Pier, Old Orchard Beach

Retro on the Beach

Retro on the Beach

Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Under the pier at Old Orchard Beach

When I stay open to the possibilities going into a photo shoot, or in life for that matter, I am almost always guaranteed a sweet reward! It may be a small reward such as connecting with someone in a way I had not expected.  Or it may be a larger, once-in-a- lifetime experience, and pretty darn exciting, such as in this shoot at Old Orchard Beach!

We rose early knowing we needed to grab the lower, less intense light of the early morning. At the beach where there is little cover, the sun gets very bright and glaring very soon after it comes up.  We needed to catch the lower light (and hopefully less crowded beach). We were the first car in the parking lot, and we made our way down to the pier. The only other people on the beach were the older generation of dog walkers and a few hardy runners.

Jordan thought having her photos done at the beach would be a lot of fun, and she had brought along some great clothing options to work with. When discussing the location of the shoot, we considered OOB thinking we could possibily shoot under the pier, and also maybe get some images with the carnival atmosphere as a backdrop……Boy, or should I say “boys,” we could never have planned or predicted what, or who, would end up in the background of some of these images!

I was loving the shots we were getting under the pier, some with Jordan’s feet in the water….the light was perfect.  Jordan decided she was ready to change into a different outfit. My daughter, Sarah, was assisting me that morning. We both surrounded Jordan as best we could while she quickly changed into her next outfit. As we stepped away from her, Jordan looked down the beach a few yards just in time to see all of the Old Orchard Beach lifeguards jogging down onto the beach for their morning exercises carrying their redish orange safey belts and clad in only their redish orange swim trunks….. Picture a scene out of Bay Watch!  Jordan said, “Hmmm….wouldn’t it be fun to get some pictures taken with those guys??”  Well, that’s all I needed! We strolled over, located the life guard in charge, I had a quick conversation with him and it was a done deal. These guys, and gals, were happy to oblige. We even talked my daughter, who had only planned on assisting, into throwing on one of Jordan’s dresses and jumping into a few of the photos! Really and truly it was an experience too good to pass up!  And these guys were fun!  One took Jordan’s straw hat and put it on, and with very little encouragement everyone started getting very silly, high energy, smiling and having a blast!  And Jordan’s skirt and the dress Sarah borrowed ended up perfectly matching the life guards’ shorts! The images ended up looking like we had planned it all when really, we just stayed Open to all possibilities And therefore, reaped the Unexpected Rewards…..

For Jordan, Sarah, and me…..such an important reminder to keep an open mind…. and who knows what life (or life guards) will present!

LIfe Guards on Old Orchard Beach

Lovin’ Life on Old Orchard Beach

Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Jordan in Summer HatUnder the Pier, Old Orchard BeachRetro on the BeachLovin’ Life on Old Orchard Beach

Old Orchard Beach, Maine retro

retro on Old Orchard Beach

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Anne Stuer permalink
    July 12, 2011 8:25 pm

    Wow, Nanette! Jordan is a beautiful young woman, and your photography just adds to her aura! I love the black and white shot under the pier. What fun you must have had with the life guards, too!! Very lovely!

    • July 12, 2011 10:54 pm

      Anne, Jordan is beautiful and lots of fun to photograph! I’m thinking you are attracted to black & whites these days!! 🙂

  2. Kim Ramharter permalink
    July 13, 2011 12:53 am

    Nanette, the photos of Jordan are really beautiful. Thanks so much for thinking of her. She was very excited about the whole experience! So nice!

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