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Never Underestimate the Power of One Small Change

April 28, 2011
Change is in the Air

In the past 9 months, I have gone through some pretty major changes in my life. I have left my full-time job to pursue starting my own photography business, I have moved back to this small town in Maine to live with my teenager daughter while she finishes school, I have sent my oldest off to college, and maybe most importantly in the “yikes this is a big change department,” I am living without my husband of 20 years except on the weekends. Whew! It’s been some life-changing changes! I won’t lie, it’s been scary, exhilarating, self-doubt inducing, … and many more things all rolled into one.  But all in all, its been an important experience for me to have during this transition time in my life from full-time mother to…..well, who knows for sure at this point. It’s been eye-opening, an incredible learning experience in so many aspects and yes, sometimes, lonely. When I feel lonesome, I have really tried to just sit with it and “be.” For the fact remains, I have not spent more than a few hours alone for the past 20 years. I probably really do need this even if it feels like I want to run and fill up my time,  instead of just being with my loneliness.

All of these new changes have now started to “settle down and settle in.” You know, how when something feels so strange at first you can’t even imagine how it will ever feel normal and then, all of a sudden, you wake up one day and realize that this new reality feels fairly normal?  So now…I am looking at new changes I want to make in my life! And there are lots of them, trust me! In fact, so many that when I start to think about them….lose a few pounds, exercise more, eat healthier, read more books, spend more time with my extended family, be on time with more birthday cards….you get the picture. When all of these changes I want to work on start running around in my head, I become so overwhelmed.  It makes me want to lay on the couch and have a nap, and then get up and eat chocolate, then surf the net, then sit on my buns and not exercise. Yikes! It makes me want to crawl into a hole and make no changes at all!

So starting this week, with a boost of energy and encouragement from my many women friends, I am going to give myself permission to pick one small change on my list and try to do that one small thing a little bit better.  Next week, I may work on one more small thing to change, we’ll see how it goes!  My hope is that by chopping my big scary list of all the changes I want to make into bite-size pieces that do not appear to be unattainable, maybe, just maybe months down  the road, I can look back and be proud of the many changes I have made, One Small Change at a Time.

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  1. Anne Stuer permalink
    April 28, 2011 10:44 pm

    Amen to small changes… breaking them down seems so much more manageable and maybe even more permanent? Keep on, one step at a time….

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