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Our Version of the Truth

April 6, 2011

We all see the world differently! I think you would agree that we could walk together along the same path, and see and experience totally different things while walking in the same footsteps.  You might  notice the funny little animal’s prints in the mud while I might notice the moss starting to turn green on the stump finally uncovered from the snow.  You are seeing the world tinted yellow wearing sunglasses with an amber tint while my sunglasses are tinted blue. You tend to walk looking forward and upward while I watch my feet on the trail to make sure I don’t trip on tree roots. In the end, if asked about our walk, we would most likely describe very different experiences from one another.

Polaroid by Susannah Conway

Just as this is true, I believe some of us see the world with sharp, defined edges and some see the world in a more soft, dream-like state. Some of us don’t see much around us at all! We are so wrapped up in our mind with something that  happened yesterday, or worse yet, we are texting on our cell phone (Yup, I am guilty of this one!)

I have noticed for several years how much I enjoy viewing images captured with a Polaroid camera or with the Holga camera. Check out this beautiful Polaroid image of magnolia blossoms by Susannah Conway. And more info on Polaroids on Susannah’s website, .   And this past year, I am loving images I am seeing shot using the Hipstamatic App. on the iPhone? I began to wonder what it was about these images I loved so much. What drew me in and grabbed my attention?  These images are gorgeous, dreamy snapshots of the world.  Then, I realized, I think this most accurately depicts or portrays how I see the world in my mind’s eye. I began to wonder if this is how photographer’s decide on their “camera of choice?”

Photographers have so many choices today as to what type of camera to use.  Many are shooting with digital cameras, point and shoots or SLRs, some are still shooting with film cameras, and making great images and it appears, great livings! (Check out the link to the Brothers Wright at the bottom of this post.)  There are artists using Polaroid cameras, Holga cameras and other toy cameras, Pin Hole cameras,video cameras, many older cameras just to create a certain effect, and finally… one of my favorite, the iPhone.  And don’t even get me started with the options of printing these images to create “our version of the truth.”

I find it intriguing and inspiring to check out photography created by artists who are using all of these different types of cameras. I believe they all are equally valuable to the craft of photography as a whole . I give the creator of a gorgeous image credit where credit is due, no matter whether they shot the image with the most expensive digital camera on the market or with a toy plastic camera they picked up for $19.99 (have one of these and love it!)  I love to view how others “see” the world and try to understand their “version of the truth” through the images they create!

More amazing Polaroids by Alicia Bock:

These guys are doing incredible wedding photography using film:

Love this Holga image pool on Flickr:

Enjoy them all!

Nanette   xoxo

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  1. April 6, 2011 8:36 pm

    honoured to be here, love 🙂

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