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Remember the Day

April 1, 2011

I am a lover of a great photograph. One that is technically correct, or has incredible color, or even more, one that evokes emotion and makes me laugh or cry. I love to look at these images, drool over these images and sometimes I am even able to create one of these images. That don’t come easily. I was once told back when all I shot was film, if you get one great image on each role of film, you are doing really well!

Many days, I strive for the great image! And other days, I just have fun. I shoot what I love, play with my cameras, and maybe just document the day. We often think to take our camera when we are heading to an important occasion, be it a wedding, graduation, birthday party, etc. But how often do you carry your camera, and just have fun on a regular day, or a day when nothing much is planned but you don’t really know what will pop up?  These are the days I love to document, keep a photographic record of, and just remember the day with images.  As of late, on days like this, I am usually shooting with my iPhone. It fits neatly in the back pocket of my jeans, has lots of fun apps, and who can possibly take a phone/camera seriously? Therefore, you get lots of spontaneous, candid shots!

I just returned home this evening from a talk by Scott Vlaun, a documentary photographer, who discussed “Using Photography to Tell a Story.”  So timely for me to listen to him speak of men and women through the ages who’s goal was to document a certain period of time, or a life, be it their own, with their camera. And also to view the beautiful, storytelling images of photographer, Emily Delamater. It reminds me again of the importance of not always striving for the perfect photograph, but sometimes just shooting images to tell a story of your day.

Here are a few shots taken on a day one of my daughters and I decided to poke around Portland, Maine in some of the antique and second-hand shops. Documented with my iPhone and fondly remembered as a special day with my daughter at Encore in the city!

Have fun shooting!


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  1. Anne Stuer permalink
    April 1, 2011 11:39 am

    Great post, Nanette! I whole-heartedly agree that sometimes it’s more important to just have fun capturing images, not necessarily the BEST image. I love the photo of Ellie in a fur…she looks like she just stepped out of the roaring 20’s!

  2. Tins Reeves permalink
    April 5, 2011 12:53 pm

    Beautiful work! You’re a true artist.

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