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Girl after my own heart…

May 23, 2014
To Thine Own Self Be True

To Thine Own Self Be True


April 5, 2013

Over the years, it’s been suggested that journaling could be good for my soul. Today, this is my kind of journaling…with photos.

Maine photos, Maine coast, Maine photography, Maine photographer, Nanette Faye Photography, Instagram, Collect app, March 2013

March 2013 in images

I look at the photos and remember exactly where I was, who I was with and how I felt! It works for me….today. But I have to say, I am very excited about our women’s retreat coming in May where I will learn, along with the other retreaters, from the very best about travel journaling. I am open to new ideas and new ways of documenting my life. I can’t wait to see where this new kind of journaling will take my creativity…

Enjoy your weekend, friends!

One step closer to a realized dream, and why I have been hesitant to share

March 23, 2013
Maine coast, Maine photographer, Maine photography, Maine women's retreat, ocean, Maine coast

Journey through the Creative Lens

I am over the top excited about this but have been a bit hesitant to share the news..

I have been dreaming for many years about doing this, and thanks to the support, love, and a little (ok big) push from sweet friends, it’s becoming a reality! Yay!!  To be able to combine my love of photography, sharing with other women, exploring the Maine coast, creativity, and inspiration into one weekend, makes me extremely happy!

The first weekend in May, I will be guiding my first women’s retreat weekend. It’s aptly called, “Journey through the Creative Lens.” This will be a weekend on the Maine coast of taking photos, sharing creative and inspiring ideas and projects, journaling, laughing, dining in Portland’s Old Port,  photographing a Maine lighthouse at sunrise, and just relaxing and enjoying the company of kindred spirits! Wow! Have I mentioned that I am kind of excited! :)

I will be collaborating with two dear, lovely and talented friends who will be co-hosting the retreat with me, Amy Webster and Amber White. Amy and Amber will be leading a workshop on Saturday on “Creative Personal/Travel Journaling.”  Amy is a creative soul that searches for inspiration in the everyday world usually within found treasures. She is an avid mixed media “travel” art journaler and believes that even 5 minutes a day of journaling or an artistic outlet revives the soul.  Amber is an avid lover of mixed-media arts from altering old tattered suitcases to creating art journal spreads. She believes everyone is an artist and the most powerful tool is learning to tap into your own intuition, let go, and create organically. They each write blogs on creative journaling, and together have been “sharing” travel journaling for over 4 years. Their journals are true pieces of art. Our retreaters are in for a treat to be able to be inspired by these two women about how to create and write their own journal. Retreaters will leave with a great start to their own journals, and lots of ideas to keep them rolling along!

creative journaling, travel journals, Maine artists, mixed media artists, Maine coast retreat

Creative journaling

My offering will be, or course, in photographing. Sharing places I love to photograph, tips on how to get a great image, and how I stay inspired to shoot. Retreaters can shoot with whatever they like; iPhone, Point and Shoot, SLR, iPad…and then we’ll go over more practical things like how to go from shooting inspired photos to holding the print of that image in your hands. I’ll share my favorite apps for shooting and processing on the iPhone and iPad. We’ll have loads of fun, and hopefully everyone will leave feeling inspired, and with lots of “tools” to keep shooting when they return home!

antique camera, maine photographer, Nanette Faye Photography, women's retreat, Maine artists

Camera of all kinds

The three of us are buzzing with excitement with the opportunity to share our passions with other women!

Where: Sweet beach house near Willard Beach, South Portland, Maine

When: May 3rd, 4th and 5th.  Friday evening till Sunday noon

What: A gathering of kindred spirits…

Why: To be encouraged and supported to create and live a more inspired life. To view the World through a Creative Lens. To share, laugh, eat, journal, photograph, and commune with other like-minded women. To enjoy the beauty and peace of the Maine coast.

What you Need: An open heart and mind! No previous experience in photography and/or journaling is required. We are not here to create brilliant art or photographs. This retreat is about opening ourselves to the creative journey that lives inside each of us, and which, when we tune into it, allows us to hear the sound of our own hearts, find our authentic words and ultimately be free to live with more creativity, intuition and joy.

And now the reason why I have been hesitant to share this news…..  The May retreat is already filled!!  Seriously, it seems like a mean trick to tell you about it, and not have any openings left but it’s true! Word of mouth traveled very quickly when folks heard  this retreat was becoming a reality. If you will be joining us, we can’t wait to have you along for the ride. But if you are not, but would like to be, please don’t be too upset with me….  Amy, Amber and I are in the process of planning another, equally inspiring, weekend retreat for the fall! If you would like to stay in the loop about the fall retreat and/or be added to the waiting list for a spot, please leave your email in the “Comments” section below. You can also add your email address up there on the right to receive notice of new blog posts where I will be sure to share any and all new information about future retreats!

Until next time….here’s to enjoying an inspiring weekend despite the still snow-covered ground!

Love to you all,




February 28, 2013

When I am in the midst of change, I have noticed a pattern of plateauing with my creativity. Sometimes not the creativity in my head, more so the energy I have to offer to creativity. I think it’s a natural progression of things, and I try hard to be kind to myself when this is occurring, knowing it will pass with time. I just remembered that I wrote about it here last year when I had recently moved. And now, I have recently moved again….yes, I am officially a gypsy.

In the past month, I have only picked up my “big girl” a couple of times.  Some wonderful commercial work came my way and the “big girl” happily came out for that. And a couple of days when the urge struck, I pulled her out to capture sunrise and/or sunset on one of the nearby beaches. Besides that, I have mostly only been shooting with my iPhone, some with Instagram and some with a few other fun apps . It’s ok though.. I am doing what I can to keep the creative spirit alive and well, and also, I am continuing to document my journey along the way.

February 2013, Instagram, change, Maine, Maine coast, Maine coast photographer, Maine coast photography, Portland Maine photographer, Nanette Faye Photography, iPhoneography collage blog size

So here, my friends, are some of my iPhone shots over the past month. Maybe nothing spectacular but again, that is ok. It’s a reminder of where I am today, this month, this year. As you can see, they are mostly images from around the beach but there are a few city adventures tucked in here and there.

I hope this finds you all well, and surviving this wintry weather knowing that Spring is just around the corner.

Until next time…

Lots of love,



February 10, 2013

Maine, Maine photographer, ocean, shack, Nanette Faye Photography, Willard Beach

As life takes its twists and turns, I again find myself in a new environment, a new “home” for awhile, and I search for a beacon of sameness…of stableness…of consistency.  In this new home, I have found this sweet little shack by the sea to visit on daily basis.

To me, it appears to shine as a beacon just beautifully in every light.

Willard Beach, Maine, Maine coast, Maine photographer, Nanette Faye Photographyshack 5
shack 3

Out on a point

Out on a point

A destination

A destination

After the storm

After the storm

shack 6

Tomorrow is the day

January 19, 2013

kite, flying kite, blue sky, colors, Maine coast, Nanette Faye PHotography, kite on canvas 650 for blogTomorrow is the day I have been anticipating and preparing for… for years. I have actually been very actively preparing myself for almost exactly 2 1/2 years.  Am I prepared? Probably not. Am I the most prepared I could probably be? Yes, I would say I am.  I knew back a few years ago, that when both my girls left the nest, it would be a very hard transition for me. My daughters have pretty much been my whole life since the day they were born. I was the ripe old age of 32 when I started having babies, and had been waiting so long, it seemed. So, back a little over 2 years ago, when I could start to “feel” this time was not far away, I began preparations….for me. I knew I needed to figure out who I wanted to be when I grew up and if not at this age, when the kids are flying out of the nest, then when? I needed to do it for me but also, just as importantly, for them. They need to know that I trust their instincts enough for me to be more of a quiet supporter of their lives now….to let them find the path they are meant to find, without worrying that they are my only source of happiness.  They also need to know that its ok, more than ok..essential for mothers to have fulfilling, exciting lives after their children fly the nest! So here we are…

And I am proud to say, I am so excited for my daughters, and so proud. They are ready to fly. Ready for take-off to all the exciting “places” this world has to offer them. They are strong and confident. They have both tested their wings, and they are working just fine! And their Mama? Well, I am ready to ease into the next chapter of my life with a little plan of my own… of just who I might want to be when I grow up!

That’s it from here as we finish preparing to move our oldest into her own little apartment near her favorite college campus tomorrow!

Lots of love,


My “Word” for 2013

January 13, 2013

I have been thinking for a couple of weeks as to what my word for 2013 will be. The word that stays in the back of mind, the word the guides me when I need some direction on the path.

Finally today, it came to me….My Word for 2013 is “Listen.”

Listen to my friends..really listen to what they are saying in their words and actions. Listen to my family…what are they trying to tell me. Listen to nature..where she leads me, what she needs from me and what I can learn from her. But mostly, mostly…Listen to myself. My little voice knows best, for me. My body knows best, for me. I just need to listen. When I listen, really listen, I can not go wrong.

I'm listening..

I’m listening..

Enjoy your Sunday evening, my friends.

Lots of love,





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